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Higher education in a global society

D. Bruce Johnstone, Madeleine B. d’Ambrosio and Paul J. Yakoboski, 2010, 224 pp. $99.00(cloth). ISBN: 978-1-84844-752-3
  • Chao Yu Guo
Book Review

Globalization, a key reality in the twenty-firsy century, has already influenced higher education profoundly. Globalization is considered as the reality shaped by an increasingly integrated world economy, new information and communications technology (ICT), the emergence of an international knowledge network, the role of the English language, and other forces beyond the control of academic institutions. Internationalization of higher education is the variety of policies and programs that universities and governments implement in responses to globalization. These responses typically include sending students to study abroad, setting up a branch campus overseas, or engaging in some type of inter-institutional partnership.

Higher Education in a Global Society is splendid volume of essays that examines emerging issues for advancing higher education across borders. It discusses the compelling challenges and opportunities facing higher education in cultivating world citizens.

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