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, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 619–640 | Cite as

Enabling Workflow-Oriented Science Gateways to Access Multi-Cloud Systems

  • Zoltán Farkas
  • Péter Kacsuk
  • Ákos Hajnal


In this paper we present a solution to cloud-enable workflow-oriented science gateways. The integration mechanism described in the paper is a generic method that can be followed by other gateway developers. The paper describes the principles and the concrete ways to integrate science gateways with multi-cloud systems. The concrete example to demonstrate the integration principles builds on the integration of WS-PGRADE/gUSE and the CloudBroker Platform (CBP). The integration of WS-PGRADE and the CloudBroker Platform offers a complete cloud-enabled science gateway platform for a diverse set of use-cases and user communities, with the availability to use mainstream cloud middleware types and services (Amazon, IBM, OpenStack, OpenNebula). The advantage of the integrated WS-PGRADE and CloubBroker Platform system is that if a domain-specific science gateway is customized from WS-PGRADE gateway framework it immediately inherits this cloud access flexibility, i.e. the user community of that gateway can access all the cloud types enabled by the integrated system presented.


Cloud Workflow Science gateway 


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