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C. J. Stevens, S. Nixon, M. A. Murray, and D. Q. Fuller (eds): Archaeology of African Plant Use

The Institute of Archaeology, University of London, Publication # 61, Left Coast Press, Walnut Creek, CA, USA, 2014, 293 pp, $ 119.00 (hardback), ISBN: 978-1-61132-974-2
  • N. M. Nayar
Book Review

This volume is the outcome of the Fifth International Workshop for African Archaeobotany, held in London in July 2006. About half of the papers are those presented at the Workshop. In addition, about an equal number of papers commissioned carefully by the editors have been included to provide a comprehensive picture of the entire field of African archaeobotany including plant use. The timelapse in bringing out this volume may be attributable to the decision of the editors to make this volume a comprehensive one on African archaeobotany. The editors appear to have succeeded in their efforts.

There are 23 chapters in the volume. It has been edited by C.J. Stevens (Research Associate, Institute of Archaeology, University College, London), S. Nixon (Associate, Institute of Archaeology, UCL), M. A. Murray (Archaeobotanist, University of Copenhagen), and D.Q. Fuller (Professor of Archaeobotany, Institute of Archaeology, U.C.L).

The IWAA (International Workshops on Archaeobotany) have been...

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