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Analysis of Genetic Variability in a Sample of the Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) Spanish Collection Based on Gliadin Markers

  • Edurne Aguiriano
  • Magdalena Ruiz
  • Rosario Fité
  • Jose M. Carrillo


In this work gliadin proteins were used to analyse the genetic variability in a sample of the durum wheat Spanish collection conserved at the CRF-INIA. In total 38 different alleles were identified at the loci Gli-A1, Gli-A3, Gli-B5, Gli-B1, Gli-A2 and Gli-B2. All the gliadin loci were polymorphic, possessed large genetic diversity and small and large differentiation within and between varieties, respectively. The Gli-A2 and Gli-B2 loci were the most polymorphic, the most fixed within varieties and the most useful to distinguish among varieties. Alternatively, Gli-B1 locus presented the least genetic variability out of the four main loci Gli-A1, Gli-B1, Gli-A2 and Gli-B2. The Gli-B1 alleles coding for the gliadin γ-45, associated with good quality, had an accumulated frequency of 69.7%, showing that the Spanish germplasm could be a good source for breeding quality. The Spanish landraces studied showed new gliadin alleles not catalogued so far. These new alleles might be associated with specific Spanish environment factors. The large number of new alleles identified also indicates that durum wheat Spanish germplasm is rather unique.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Edurne Aguiriano
    • 1
  • Magdalena Ruiz
    • 1
  • Rosario Fité
    • 1
  • Jose M. Carrillo
    • 2
  1. 1.Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y AlimentariaCentro de Recursos FitogenéticosMadridSpain
  2. 2.Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Agrónomos, Dpto. BiotecnologíaCiudad UniversitariaMadridSpain

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