Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution

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Rice Diversity Collection, Conservation and Management in Northeastern India

  • D. K. Hore


Rice is the principal crop of northeastern region of India, where a considerable range of diversity exists. The germplasm collection has also unfold the occurrence of large number of rice landraces in the region. Between 1985 and 2002, a total 2639 accessions of rice germplasms including their wild relatives have been collected. Most of these germplasm material have been conserved in the National Gene Bank, New Delhi following their necessary characterization and evaluation. With the establishment of the Regional Gene Bank Module with medium-term storage facilities (6–7°C with 40–45% relative humidity) at Barapani, Meghalaya, the rice germplasm conservation (ex situ) have been initiated in the region.


Collection Conservation Hygrorhiza Landraces Leersia Northeastern India Oryza Rice germplasm Wild relatives Zizania 


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  1. 1.National Bureau of Plant Genetic ResourcesBarapaniIndia

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