Luciano Rezzolla and Olindo Zanotti: Relativistic hydrodynamics

Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2013, 752 pp, GBP 55.00, ISBN: 978-0-19-852890-6
  • Domenico Giulini
Book Review

The field of relativistic hydrodynamics, once thought to be a mere playground for mathematically inclined physicists and without much relevance for the “real world”, is now of central importance for astrophysicists and cosmologists trying to understand objects like neutron stars and supernovae, and violent phenomena like star-collapses, deflagrations, and detonations. Such objects and their stability properties, as well as the associated phenomena, would be impossible to understand without taking due account of Special and General Relativity. But whereas the relativistic extension of, say, the laws of point mechanics is relatively straightforward, a similar extension is much harder, and can even be ambiguous, in case of hydro- and thermodynamics. The fundamental and conceptual issues associated with this extension are also the subject of this book.

The book is divided into three parts entitled “The Physics of Relativistic Hydrodynamics ” (Part 1, Chapters 1–6, 313 pages), “Numerical...

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