Octonion massive electrodynamics

  • B. C. Chanyal
Research Article


In this paper, we have made an attempt to reformulate the generalized field equation and various quantum equations of massive dyons in terms of octonion eight dimensional space as the combination of two (external and internal) four dimensional spaces. The octonion forms of generalized potential and current equations of massive dyons are discussed in consistent manner. It has been shown that due to the non associativity of octonion variables it is necessary to impose certain constraints to describe generalized octonion massive electrodynamics in manifestly covariant and consistent manner.


Octonion Electrodynamics Dyons Massive dyons Generalized field equation Proca–Maxwell’s equations 



I am grateful to Professor OPS Negi, Professor PS Bisht and BCS Chauhan for inspiring discussions. I thank to referees for instructive comments on the manuscript.


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