General Relativity and Gravitation

, Volume 44, Issue 4, pp 941–957 | Cite as

A rotating three component perfect fluid source and its junction with empty space-time

  • R. J. Wiltshire
Research Article


The Kerr solution for empty space-time is presented in an ellipsoidally symmetric coordinate system and it is used to produce generalised ellipsoidal metrics appropriate for the generation of rotating interior solutions of Einstein’s equations. It is shown that these solutions are the familiar static perfect fluid cases commonly derived in curvature coordinates but now endowed with rotation. These are also shown to be potential fluid sources for not only Kerr but also Kerr-de Sitter empty space-time. The approach is further discussed in the context of T-solutions of Einstein’s equations and the vacuum T-solution outside a rotating source is presented. The interior source for these solutions is shown not to be a perfect fluid but rather an anisotropic three component perfect fluid for which the energy momentum tensor is derived. The Schwarzschild interior solution is given as an example of the approach.


Fluid sources Rotation Kerr-de-Sitter T-solutions Junction conditions 


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