General Relativity and Gravitation

, Volume 40, Issue 12, pp 2659–2683 | Cite as

Quantum nature of cosmological bounces

  • Martin Bojowald
Research Article


Several examples are known where quantum gravity effects resolve the classical big bang singularity by a bounce. The most detailed analysis has probably occurred for loop quantum cosmology of isotropic models sourced by a free, massless scalar. Once a bounce has been realized under fairly general conditions, the central questions are how strongly quantum it behaves, what influence quantum effects can have on its appearance, and what quantum space-time beyond the bounce may look like. This, then, has to be taken into account for effective equations which describe the evolution properly and can be used for further phenomenological investigations. Here, we provide the first analysis with interacting matter with new effective equations valid for weak self-interactions or small masses. They differ from the free scalar equations by crucial terms and have an important influence on the bounce and the space-time around it. Especially the role of squeezed states, which have often been overlooked in this context, is highlighted. The presence of a bounce is proven for uncorrelated states, but as squeezing is a dynamical property and may change in time, further work is required for a general conclusion.


Quantum cosmology Big bang singularity Bounce Squeezed states 


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