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Closed geodesics on orbifolds of nonpositive or nonnegative curvature

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In this note we prove existence of closed geodesics of positive length on compact developable orbifolds of nonpositive or nonnegative curvature. We also include a geometric proof of existence of closed geodesics whenever the orbifold fundamental group contains a hyperbolic element and therefore reduce the existence problem to developable orbifolds with \(\pi _1^{orb}\) infinite and having finite exponent and finitely many conjugacy classes.


Orbifolds Closed geodesics Group actions Torsion groups 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000)

57R18 53C22 58E40 20K10 



I would especially like to thank my advisor Hans U. Boden for his continuous support and encouragement. This research is part of the author’s work as a graduate student at McMaster University. My warm thanks go also to the members of the mathematics department for providing such a welcoming environment. Last but not least, I thank the referee for the helpful remarks.


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