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Forgetful maps between Deligne–Mostow ball quotients

  • Martin Deraux
Original Paper


We study forgetful maps between Deligne–Mostow moduli spaces of weighted points on \({\mathbb{P}^1}\) , and classify the forgetful maps that extend to a map of orbifolds between the stable completions. The cases where this happens include the Livné fibrations and the Mostow/Toledo maps between complex hyperbolic surfaces. They also include a retraction of a 3-dimensional ball quotient onto one of its 1-dimensional totally geodesic complex submanifolds.


Ball quotients Holomorphic maps Deligne–Mostow moduli spaces 


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  1. 1.Institut FourierUniversité de Grenoble I, UMR 5582Saint-Martin d’HèresFrance

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