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Controlling indeterminacy in Massey triple products

  • Laurence R. Taylor
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A technique is discussed to control the indeterminacy in cohomology Massey triple products. It involves finding cohomology classes with certain properties. Poincaré duality spaces always have such classes if the coefficients are in a field.

A variety of non-vanishing and vanishing results for Massey triple products are proved using this technique. Here are two examples.
  1. Many authors have noticed that non-trivial triple products in a submanifold produce non-trivial triple products in the blowup along the submanifold.

  2. Given a map of closed, compact manifolds of the same dimension, \({f\colon M \to N}\) , then non-trivial triple products with field coefficients in N pull back to non-trivial triple products in M provided the degree of the map is non-zero in the field.



Massey triple product Poincaré duality 

Mathematics Subject Classifications (2000)

55S30 57P10 


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  1. 1.Department of MathematicsNotre Dame UniversityNotre DameUSA

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