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P. Norris and R. Inglehart, Sacred and secular. Religion and politics worldwide

Cambridge University Press, New York, 2006 (original 2004) 329 pp, (Paperback: £ 17.99), ISBN-13: 978-0-521-54872-4
  • Herman van der Wusten
Book Review

The writing of this book may have been prompted by 9/11 as the very start of its preface suggests, but its contents are dominated by the accumulated experience of conducting and analysing mass surveys on questions presumably relevant to that event for a long time. Pippa Norris has been a major contributor to political sociology since the late 1980s, Ronald Inglehart helped initiate a number of international comparative surveys one of them the Euro barometer. This book is about religiosity in different societies all around the world, its dynamics and its political and social consequences. Religiosity is a multi-dimensional attribute of individual persons and larger numbers expressing their position between the sacred and the secular. It has to do with behaviour (attendance of church/temple/mosque services, but also private encounters with the sacred sphere in prayers, and membership of religious institutions), with beliefs (like in God, hell, heaven, life beyond death in Christianity;...

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