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Caroline Kramer, Zeit für Mobilität. Räumliche Disparitäten der individuellen Zeitverwendung für Mobilität in Deutschland

Stuttgart, Franz Steiner Verlag, 2005. 445 pages. ISBN: 3-515-08630-7 (hardcover). Price: € 66.00.
  • Martin Lanzendorf
Book Review

With her book on travel time, Caroline Kramer presents the results of an ambitious project. She aims not only to integrate the work of sociologists and geographers but also of time use and travel behaviour researchers. At the core of her study, Kramer is interested in the interactions between an individual’s time use on the micro level and the spatial context on the macro level. The main objective of the book is to show that time use is not only socially but also spatially unevenly distributed. For that purpose she employs three different data sets: first, the German national time budget surveys from 1991/92 and 2001/02 with in total 68 000 activity diaries; second, a regional survey with the time use data of 77 men and 760 women; and finally, 28 qualitative interviews and nine focus group discussions for an assessment of the subjective valuation and perception of travel time.

From the two national time budget surveys, Kramer derives how the travel time use is affected by contextual...


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