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Movement of an Open-Ended Pipe with a Soil Plug Under a Longitudinal Impact


The process of horizontal immersion into soil of an open-ended steel pipe of circular cross section containing a soil plug is under study. The effect of both single and multiple longitudinal strikes is considered. A one-dimensional mathematical model of the movement of the pipe and soil plug is proposed that takes into account changes in radial stress caused by the lateral interaction of the pipe and soil plug. In this model, the interaction of the pipe with internal and external soil is described by the law of external dry friction. The resistance of the soil in front of the pipe is taken into account by specifying viscous conditions at the pipe end. The influence of the parameters of the pipe and soil on the process of immersing an open-ended pipe into the soil is studied numerically by the finite-difference method. In addition, the results of a field experiment are given which was carried out by the authors in dense urban environment. As a result of comparing the data obtained in numerical and field experiments, it is concluded that the proposed model can be used to describe the results of field experiments.

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This work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation under Grant Number 17-77-20049.

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  • Immersion of a pipe
  • Impact load
  • Dry friction
  • Mathematical modeling