Joint Support Technology and Its Engineering Application to Deep Soft Rock Tunnel with Strong Creep


Deformation control of soft rock in deep roadways has always been a challenge in coal mining. The strain softening and rheological properties of high-stress soft rock not only cause large deformation of the surrounding rocks, but also lead to a long duration of deformation. Based on previous research results obtained here in China as well as abroad, this study focused on the S2S2 mining roadway in the Xiaokang Coal Mine of Liaoning Province in China for research and studied the characteristics and damage of its surrounding rock deformation. Furthermore, the sectional form that should be used in roadway construction, as well as the support structure types and parameters were proposed to control the excessive deformation of the surrounding rock. It is suggested that a circular section should be adopted as the mining roadway section, and the high-strength rock should be bolted together, employing the combination of the anchor cable support method. Industrial tests have verified that the circular roadway under the new support mode can enable relative distance changes between the roadway walls, make the roof and floor relatively flat, and reduce the convergence speed to a value lesser than that of the original support mode. The most important advantage is that under this joint support mode, the deformation and damage of the circular roadway would be less affected by mining activity, so the deformation and damage of the mining roadway can be controlled effectively. Therefore, the research results of this study can provide a reference value for similar engineering projects.

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This work was supported by State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics and Deep Underground Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology/China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing (SKLGDUEK1926) and Liaoning Provincial Natural Fund Guidance Plan (2019-ZD-0571)and The Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (51374045) and Science and Technology Project of Jingpo New Area (JinPu-0103009) and Liaoning Key Research and Development Plan Guidance Project (LiaoNing-2017229007) and Liao Ning Revitalization Talents Program (XLYC 1807219).

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  • Deep roadway
  • Soft rock with strong creep
  • Joint support
  • Support mechanism