International Journal of Fracture

, Volume 176, Issue 2, pp 237–244 | Cite as

Simple New Expressions for the Notch Stress Intensity Factors in an Array of Narrow V–Notches Under Tension

  • F. Berto
  • P. Lazzarin
  • R. Afshar
Letters in Fracture and Micromechanics


Taking advantage of some recent closed form expressions for the strain energy density in a control volume embracing the notch tip, some simple expressions are derived for the Notch Stress Intensity Factors of an infinite array of double symmetric lateral notches and edge notches under tension loading. The new expressions are applicable to narrow notches when the ratio between the notch depth and the plate width, a/W, is lower than 0.025 providing very accurate results.


Periodic notches Notch Stress Intensity Factor (NSIF) Strain Energy Density (SED) notch spacing narrow notches 


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  1. 1.Department of Management and EngineeringUniversity of PadovaVicenzaItaly

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