Foundations of Physics

, Volume 42, Issue 4, pp 524–530 | Cite as

Ground State H-Atom in Born-Infeld Theory

  • S. Habib MazharimousaviEmail author
  • M. Halilsoy


Within the context of Born-Infeld (BI) nonlinear electrodynamics (NED) we revisit the non-relativistic, spinless H-atom. The pair potential computed from the Born-Infeld equations is approximated by the Morse type potential with remarkable fit over the critical region where the convergence of both the short and long distance expansions slows down dramatically. The Morse potential is employed to determine both the ground state energy of the electron and the BI parameter.


Born-Infeld Hydrogen atom Nonlinear electrodynamics 



We are grateful to Professor M.K.-H. Kiessling for an illuminating correspondence.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of PhysicsEastern Mediterranean UniversityMersinTurkey

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