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Geometry of the Unification of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity of a Single Particle

  • A. KryukovEmail author


The paper summarizes, generalizes and reveals the physical content of a recently proposed framework that unifies the standard formalisms of special relativity and quantum mechanics. The framework is based on Hilbert spaces H of functions of four space-time variables x,t, furnished with an additional indefinite inner product invariant under Poincaré transformations. The indefinite metric is responsible for breaking the symmetry between space and time variables and for selecting a family of Hilbert subspaces that are preserved under Galileo transformations. Within these subspaces the usual quantum mechanics with Shrödinger evolution and t as the evolution parameter is derived. Simultaneously, the Minkowski space-time is embedded into H as a set of point-localized states, Poincaré transformations obtain unique extensions to H and the embedding commutes with Poincaré transformations. Furthermore, the framework accommodates arbitrary pseudo-Riemannian space-times furnished with the action of the diffeomorphism group.


Quantum mechanics Special relativity General relativity Indefinite inner product space 


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