Foundations of Chemistry

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In memory of Professor Masanori Kaji (8 February 1956–18 July 2016)

  • Yona Siderer

“Masanori Kaji was Professor of the History of Science at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. His research interests include history of chemistry in Russia and Japan and environmental history. He authored Mendeleev’s Discovery of the Periodic Law of Chemical Elements (in Japanese), Sapporo: Hokkaido University Press, 1997.” He was a co-editor and published his article in Early Responses to the Periodic System, Masanori Kaji, Helge Kragh, Gábor Palló, Oxford University Press 2015. This quotation is taken from that book.

I met Masanori Kaji 梶 雅範 in his office at Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) in 2007, following the recommendation of his former Professor Tatsumasa Dōke. This meeting led to a scholarship for me from the Japan Foundation with his guidance, and for a collaboration that lasted for the last 10 years, until the week of his untimely death.

During our first meeting I was mostly impressed by his large library, including many books in Russian, not typical in Japan. I thought he...

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