Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 40, Issue 6, pp 885–896 | Cite as

Turbulence Energy Distribution in the Stokes Layer

  • V. N. Zyryanov


Using the method of matched asymptotic expansions, an analytical solution of the balance equation for turbulence energy is constructed for a shallow basin (sea) in which the fluid depth does not exceed the Stokes layer thickness. In this case, a gradient-viscous balance is established with the turbulent viscosity being balanced mainly by the pressure gradient. It is shown that nonlinear boundary layers attributable to turbulence energy diffusion are formed near the bottom and the free surface (or ice). In the neighborhood of the point of maximum flow velocity (if this maximum is attained inside the flow), a nonlinear internal boundary layer also develops. Outside these layers, the turbulence energy generation is in the first approximation balanced by the energy dissipation. Asymptotic solutions for the boundary layers are constructed.


uniform fluid open and under-ice flows shallow basin gradient-viscous flow regime turbulent boundary layers 


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