Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 40, Issue 5, pp 755–761 | Cite as

On Self-Oscillations during the Outflow of a Swirled Jet

  • V. N. Blazhko
  • S. G. Chefranov


It is shown that the core of a swirled helical flow can be described using a novel exact nonstationary solution of the hydrodynamic equations for a viscous incompressible fluid, which generalizes the rigid-body asymptotics for the Burgers and Sullivan vortices in the form of rigid-body rotation with a finite helicity. An estimate of the pressure fluctuations corresponding to this nonstationary vortex regime, which is proportional to the frequency of the swirled-jet core rotation as a rigid body and also depends on the parameters of the initial velocity field structure, is obtained. It is noted that this frequency may correspond to the frequency observed in the pressure fluctuation spectrum, which is almost proportional to the swirled flow rate in vortex acoustic emitters.


swirled jet helicity rigid-body rotation periodic pressure fluctuations exact solution of the hydrodynamic equations 


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  • V. N. Blazhko
  • S. G. Chefranov

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