Improved responsiveness of reconfigurable manufacturing systems using a standards-based approach to assess manufacturing capacity

  • D. Carnahan
  • D. Chung
  • E. delaHostria
  • C. Hoover


Market acceptance of the S95 enterprise-control system integration standard and its adoption in IEC 62264, combined with the use of the ISO 15745 application integration scheme, offers a common framework for integrating diagnostic and control activities with asset maintenance and management activities. This paper describes a standard-based approach to improve the responsiveness of reconfigurable systems by using condition-based maintenance and diagnostics information to assess manufacturing capacity. Use of integration models and interoperability schemas enable manufacturing management to have greater visibility into the current state and the capabilities of manufacturing assets to meet scheduled manufacturing requirements.


ISO 15745 ISO 13374 IEC 62264 MIMOSA OPC Integration Framework 


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  • D. Carnahan
    • 1
  • D. Chung
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  • E. delaHostria
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  • C. Hoover
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  1. 1.Rockwell Automation, Inc.Mayfield HeightsUSA

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