Fibre Chemistry

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Automated System to Control the Rewinding of Steamed Yarn and Stabilize Tension

  • Yu. V. Zinchenko

In order to increase the productivity of winding operations, it is necessary to position the packages horizontally, install a rotary motor, and create an automated control system for the process. One of the main functions of the automated control system is to ensure that the package is rotated in such a way that the point where the fibers leave the package is located in the top plane. In this case, the turns of the yarn travel along a normal to the surface of the package and do not hold back the underlying turns. The unwinding operation proceeds as follows: the fiber is directed into a guide, passes in succession through a tension gage, fiber-tensioning device, and fiber-layer, and is wound onto the underlying package.


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  • Yu. V. Zinchenko
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