Feminist Legal Studies

, Volume 24, Issue 3, pp 343–346 | Cite as

Annie Bunting, Benjamin N. Lawrence and Richard L. Roberts (eds): Marriage by Force? Contestation Over Consent and Coercion in Africa

Ohio University Press, Athens, Ohio, 320 pp, price £61 (HB), ISBN 9780821421994
  • Rachel Killean
Book Review

This volume provides an important and nuanced contribution to the literature on forced marriages. The collection of new research places forced marriages that occur on the African continent within broader social structures and historical contexts. It considers questions such as at what point does a marriage become forced, rather than arranged? How do we define coercion? How do structures and contexts shape the ways in which some forms of coercion and violence become visible as harms, while others do not? Its central themes include an analysis of the continuities and ruptures in forced marriage practices in the colonial and postcolonial eras, the role of forced marriage as a means of accessing coerced labour, and the value and limitations of new legal developments in relation to forced marriage’s history and ongoing efforts to prohibit it.

This volume constitutes a timely contribution to the literature; coercive marital practices have recently emerged as an important scholarly topic...

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