Feminist Legal Studies

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Editorial introduction

  • Brenna Bhandar

This academic year has witnessed several changes on the Editorial Board of Feminist Legal Studies. From 2007 to 2010, Rosemary Hunter was Academic Editor, overseeing the production of issues 15(1) to 18(3). During this time, the journal benefited from Rosemary’s tremendous capacity for great organisation, editorial finesse, and commitment to supporting the production of timely and relevant feminist scholarship of great significance to an international audience. We wish to thank Rosemary for her immense contribution to FLS. In addition to Rosemary’s departure from position of Editor-in-Chief, we also acknowledge the long-standing contributions of Emily Haslam and Sally Sheldon, who have recently stepped down from the Editorial Board. Helen Carr has taken on the role of Book Reviews Editor from Maria Drakopoulou, who remains a dynamic and long standing member of the Editorial Board.

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