Feminist Legal Studies

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Doing Home

  • Alison Diduck

I wish to reflect upon the origins of LGS as a field of study, but rather than attempting an objective or even partial history of this intellectual field, I want to offer a personal history. I want to reflect upon my journey into it and on what it meant and still means for me to call this field, or field-in-progress, home for my intellectual and political pursuits. I want to offer a personal account of my experience for two reasons. The first is because I think any field of study or inquiry, but particularly this one, is impoverished if it fails to take seriously both the real life circumstances, including conditions of disadvantage, oppression or violence faced by people from time to time, andthe work that is done by those who wish to ameliorate those conditions. The second reason for reflecting upon my personal journey is that I think that any field of study or inquiry, and again particularly this one, is only comprised of the studies or inquiries of people, whether as individuals...


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