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Book Review

  • Anneli Albi

Jasmina Lukić, Joanna Regulska and Darja Zaviršek (eds.), Women and Citizenship in Central and Eastern Europe. Ashgate: Aldershot, 2006, xiv and 336 pp., £60.00 (HB), ISBN: 9780754646624

Taking as its starting point the concept of active citizenship where citizens engage in the public sphere and claim their agency, the volume edited by Lukić, Regulska and Zaviršek seeks to assess how women’s agency has been shaped in the context of transition years following the breakdown of the communist regime in Central and Eastern Europe (C.E.E.). Besides the collapse of communism, this geographical area offers an interesting case study on the dynamics of gender and citizenship also by virtue of the emergence of neo-liberalism, resurgence of nationalism and the recent expansion of the European Union.

The main focus of the contributions lies in women’s engagement with civil society and N.G.O.s, the key arenas for claiming agency. The communist period had been marked by passive citizenship, with...

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