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An Erdös–Révész type law of the iterated logarithm for reflected fractional Brownian motion

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Let \(B_{H}=\{B_{H}(t):t\in \mathbb R\}\) be a fractional Brownian motion with Hurst parameter H ∈ (0,1). For the stationary storage process \(Q_{B_{H}}(t)=\sup _{-\infty <s\le t}(B_{H}(t)-B_{H}(s)-(t-s))\), t ≥ 0, we provide a tractable criterion for assessing whether, for any positive, non-decreasing function f, \( {\mathbb P(Q_{B_{H}}(t) > f(t)\, \text { i.o.})}\) equals 0 or 1. Using this criterion we find that, for a family of functions f p (t), such that \(z_{p}(t)=\mathbb P(\sup _{s\in [0,f_{p}(t)]}Q_{B_{H}}(s)>f_{p}(t))/f_{p}(t)=\mathcal C(t\log ^{1-p} t)^{-1}\), for some \(\mathcal C>0\), \({\mathbb P(Q_{B_{H}}(t) > f_{p}(t)\, \text { i.o.})= 1_{\{p\ge 0\}}}\). Consequently, with \(\xi _{p} (t) = \sup \{s:0\le s\le t, Q_{B_{H}}(s)\ge f_{p}(s)\}\), for p ≥ 0, \(\lim _{t\to \infty }\xi _{p}(t)=\infty \) and \(\limsup _{t\to \infty }(\xi _{p}(t)-t)=0\) a.s. Complementary, we prove an Erdös–Révész type law of the iterated logarithm lower bound on ξ p (t), i.e., \(\liminf _{t\to \infty }(\xi _{p}(t)-t)/h_{p}(t) = -1\) a.s., p > 1; \(\liminf _{t\to \infty }\log (\xi _{p}(t)/t)/(h_{p}(t)/t) = -1\) a.s., p ∈ (0,1], where h p (t) = (1/z p (t))p loglog t.


Extremes of Gaussian fields Storage processes Fractional Brownian motion Law of the iterated logarithm 

AMS 2000 Subject Classifications

Primary: 60F15 60G70; Secondary: 60G22 



We are thankful to the editor and the referee for several suggestions which improved our manuscript. K. Dębicki was partially supported by National Science Centre Grant No. 2015/17/B/ST1/01102 (2016-2019). Research of K. Kosiński was conducted under scientific Grant No. 2014/12/S/ST1/00491 funded by National Science Centre.


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