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Table 2 Taxa analysed and GenBank accession numbers for DNA sequences

From: Oviposition deterring infochemicals in ladybirds: the role of phylogeny

Species Origin GenBank accession no.
12S 28S
Adalia bipunctata France FJ621318 FJ621325
Adalia decempunctata France FJ621317 FJ621324
Coccinella quinquepunctata United Kingdom FJ621320 FJ621326
Coccinella septempunctata France FJ621321 FJ621328
Coccinella undecimpunctata United Kingdom FJ621319 FJ621327
Harmonia axyridis Japan FJ621323 FJ621330
Harmonia quadripunctata France FJ621322 FJ621329
Bruchidius terrenus a   DQ524351
Bruchidius sp.a   AJ841542
Diacantha collaris a   EF421574
Diacantha unifasciata a   AJ841614
  1. aSequences obtained from GenBank