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Quantitative trait loci analysis of stem strength and related traits in soybean

  • Haifeng Chen
  • Zhihui Shan
  • Aihua Sha
  • Baoduo Wu
  • Zhonglu Yang
  • Shuilian Chen
  • Rong Zhou
  • Xinan Zhou


Stem strength is one of the major influencing factors of lodging in soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] as well as other crops. To identify quantitative trait loci (QTL) associated with stem strength and related traits in soybean, a recombinant inbred line (RIL) population consisting of 165 lines derived from Zhongdou No. 29 × Zhongdou No. 32 was used in 3 years. Significant positive correlations were found among the four traits (stem strength, stem diameter, number of nodes, root dry weight). A linkage map spanning 1,240.7 cM was constructed using 245 SSR (simple sequence repeat) markers and a phenotypic marker (leaflet shape). By composite interval mapping and two-round strategy of QTL meta-analysis, 32 consensus QTL and 19 unique QTL were identified, respectively. Of eight pleiotropic unique QTL, two QTL (uq.A2-2 and uq.A2-3) located at the intervals of 23.2–26.8 and 38.5–42.4 cM on linkage group A2, respectively, were associated with all the four traits. Additive × environment (ae) interaction effects, epistasis (aa) and epistasis × environment (aae) interaction effects of QTL were detected as well. The results provide useful information for further genetic studies on stem strength of soybean.


Soybean Stem strength SSR QTL Meta-analysis 



The study was supported by National Natural Science Foundation (30871554 and 30900906) and the transgenic project (2008ZX08004-005 and 2009ZX08009-133B) from Ministry of Agriculture, People’s Republic of China. The critical reading of the manuscript by Prof. Zaiyun Li (Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan), the precise analyzing of the data and the serious revising of the manuscript by Dr Jiaqin Shi in our institute is greatly appreciated. We greatly thank the two anonymous reviewers for critical reading and suggestions on how to improve the manuscript.

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  • Aihua Sha
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  • Baoduo Wu
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  • Rong Zhou
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