Jennifer A. Johnson-Hanks, Christine A. Bachrach, S. Philip Morgan, Hans-Peter Kohler: Understanding Family Change and Variation. Toward a Theory of Conjunctural Action

Springer, Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London, New York, 2011, 179 pp
  • Johannes Huinink

This volume authored by renowned socio-demographers is a remarkable “enterprise”. To my knowledge since long it is the first attempt of American social demography to design a comprehensive theoretical framework to study family change. I start with two quotes from the concluding chapter of the volume, which describe the intention of the volume in a candid and fair way.

“We believe that TCA has the potential to enrich thinking about the mechanisms that lead to demographic events and population-level patterns in those events” (p. 138). Indeed, what they call the “Theory of Conjunctural Action” (TCA) is an important contribution to make progress in understanding family change by unfolding the mechanisms behind it.

“It has the potential to bring social demographic research more explicitly into dialogue with work in other fields” (p. 138). Indeed, TCA links different scientific disciplines to each other taking family change as a complex process, which needs interdisciplinary efforts. This...

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  1. 1.TESS—Theoretical and Empirical Dimensions of Social Structure AnalysisUniversity of BremenBremenGermany

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