Zimmermann F. Klaus (ed): European migration. What do we know?

Oxford University Press, Oxford 2005, XXII + 653 pp.
  • Heinz Fassmann
Book review

The title of the volume “European Migration. What Do We Know?”—edited by Klaus F. Zimmermann—is promising and ambitious. It suggests a more or less complete overview of our scientific knowledge about European migration. Everyone who claims such high widespread objectives will have problems realizing them. Many projects have been undertaken in the last decades, a large variety of scientific articles and books have been published, and new insights into the diverse situation of migration within and to Europe have been gained. It would be an extremely difficult task to summarize all the knowledge in this field; a more modest title of the book would be more appropriate.

The book contains 16 chapters. Klaus Zimmermann wrote the first chapter, which gives a short overview about the structure of the book and a very comprehensive description of the different phases of European migration. After this introductory chapter, 11 country reports follow—in the same order as in the book—Sweden, Denmark,...

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