Ethical Theory and Moral Practice

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  • Albert W. Musschenga
  • Robert Heeger

The increasing economic globalisation, together with the global character of many social and environmental problems, urge to think about the actual and the desirable international order. An unjust international order is one of the causes of some social problems and hinders an effective handling of other problems. ‘Political Ethics and International Order’ was the theme of a conference, organised by the Societas Ethica and the Society for Christian Ethics, that took place from 23 to 27 August in Oxford. Part of this issue is a special issue dedicated to the theme of this conference. The special issue contains the articles by Stefan Heuser, Corinna Mieth, and David Lea.

Political refugees, who flee from their country, no longer have civil rights. They must hope for being admitted to another country. Would it help them when the international community recognise a subjective right of asylum, a ‘human right to have civil rights’, a right that was codified into international and national...

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