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Assigning money amounts to represent intrinsic value of precious eco-systems in developing countries

  • Harvey F. Ludwig


The need is urgent, if the ongoing rapid degradation of the remaining precious eco-systems of the developing countries are to be put under control while there is still time, for developing a procedure by which the real world intrinsic meaningfulness to people of precious eco-systems is recognized by assigning them monetary values to be considered in benefit/cost analyses. The procedures recommended by the U.S. Corps of Engineers and Resources of the Future for use in the USA seem to be much too complex for application in developing countries in the foreseeable future. Rather a very pragmatic approach is recommended based on actual experience in money outlays for such protection in USA projects, with the amounts modified to suit developing country conditions. Hopefully the IAAs (Multilateral Development Banks, Bilaterials, U.N. Agencies) will carry out the recommended R&D studies to produce a prescribed methodology recognized by economic, environmental, and political decision makers of both the IAAs and the DCs to be appropriate for use in planning and evaluating DC projects.


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