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Graphical Presentation of 50/60 Hz Magnetic Field Contours as an Engineering Tool for Minimizing ELF Fields

  • Josef Peker
  • Moshe Z. Netzer


Since IARC classified ELF magnetic field as Possibly Carcinogenic to Human the fear from 50/60 Hz magnetic field exposure had been increased to the state of public “panic”. Subsequently, environment quality preservation organizations increased their pressure on their government to adopt the “precautionary principle” and to reduce the allowable ELF Magnetic Field exposure to much lower values than are recommended by ICNIRP-1998. As an example the present Environmental Ministry in Israel recommendation is to lower the ELF Field exposure to 10 mG averaged over 24 h.

As a result of this stringent exposure guideline imposed by the government, electrical engineers who are involved in the deployment and installation of large and medium electrical utilities, such as overhead power lines, transformers, UPS systems, electrical public transportation, switching stations, etc., are much more aware to the need to employ special measures and methods for reducing the magnetic fields that might be emitted from such utilities.

There are few computer codes that are capable of analyzing with great accuracy magnetic and electric fields surrounding single phase and three phase electrical utilities in a 3-D system. The best presentations of the analysis results are by equi-value contours depicting electric and magnetic fields. This graphical presentation is a powerful design tool that enables better deployment and installation design aided to reduce the magnetic field emissions from high-power electrical utilities.

This paper describes the various types of graphical presentations available for ELF field contours, the dependent and independent variants and parameters, magnetic field animation for optimization of power line installation and routing, and finally an example that demonstrates the usefulness of the graphical presentation tools.


extremely low magnetic (ELF) fields electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) non-ionizing radiation radiation hazards (RADHAZ) graphical presentations permissible exposure limits (PEL) overhead high voltage (HV) power lines high power electrical utilities 


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