Table 13 Data appendix

From: Sustainability and comprehensive wealth accounting: the case of India

Variables Data sources
Gross fixed capital formation National Accounts Statistics, CSO, MOSPI
EDU Barro-Lee Educational Attainment Dataset
Pop15–64 World Bank’s World Development Indicators Database (WDI)
Total population Census of India (figures interpolated for interim years)
Compensation Employees WDI
Agricultural land Land Use Statistics, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (MAFW)
PK Farm Harvest Prices of Principal Crops in India, Various Issues, MAFW
QK Agricultural Statistics at a Glance, MAFW (various issues)
πjqj,  Total rents for minerals and fuels WDI
Production of coal, lignite, crude petroleum and natural gas, 1971–2013 Energy Statistics, various issues
Production of minerals, 1971–2013 British Geological Survey
Coal Reserves World Energy Resources 2016
Reserves of Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Energy Statistics 2018 (proved and indicated balance recoverable reserves)
Reserves of minerals Indian Minerals Yearbook 2018, Indian Bureau of Mines
Forest Area (sq km) Reddy et al. (2015a)
Exchange Rate of Rupee to U.S. Dollar RBI Handbook of Statistics on Indian Economy
Carbon Dioxide Emission (kilo tonnes) WDI
Particulate Emission Damages (Billion $) WDI