Table 1 Selected regulations that address forest regions at federal (Brazil) and state level (Pernambuco)

From: A multi-method approach to explore environmental governance: a case study of a large, densely populated dry forest region of the neotropics

Federal State (PE) Description
23793/1934   Forest Decree (legal status for national parks)
4771/1965   Forest Code (legal reserve—RL; permanent protection areas—APP)
6938/1981   Environmental Law (National System of the Environment—SISNAMA)
1988   Constitution (Art. 23: preserve forests, fauna and flora)
8171/1991   Agricultural Policy (chap. VI: environmental and natural resources protection)
  11206/1995 State Forest Code
9433/1997   Water Act (harmonizes management of water, land use, and environment)
9478/1997   Energy Act (payment of royalties for affected states and municipalities)
9605/1998   Environmental Crimes Act (penalties for cutting trees in RL and APP)
9985/2000   National System of Protected Areas—SNUC
4297/2002   Decree about ecological-economic zoning—ZEE
11097/2005   Emphasizes the use of alternative energy sources to the dominating petrol
11284/2006   Promoting sustainable production in federal forests
  13787/2009 State System of Protected Areas—SEUC
12187/2009   National Policy on Climate Change—PNMC (reforest and protect forests)
  14090/2010 Combat climate change
  14091/2010 Fight against desertification
12651/2012   New Forest Code (rural environmental register—CAR)
  14922/2013 Dealing with the semiarid region
13465/2017   Regularization of land tenure