Table 1 Percentage contributions of environmental variables

From: Patterns of tree species richness in Southwest China

Types Symbol Environmental variables Percent contribution
Air temperature in °C BIO1 Annual mean temperature 2.71
BIO5 Maximum temperature of warmest month 0.33
BIO6* Minimum temperature of coldest month 11.91
BIO8 Mean temperature of wettest season 0.57
BIO9 Mean temperature of driest season 1.96
BIO10 Mean temperature of warmest season 0.36
BIO11 Mean temperature of coldest season 3.20
Air temperature variation in °C BIO2 Mean diurnal range [mean of monthly (max temp to min temp)] 2.19
BIO3* Isothermality (bio2/bio7) (* 100) 4.37
BIO4* Temperature seasonality (standard deviation *100) 13.20
BIO7 Temperature annual range (bio5 to bio6) 5.30
Precipitation/mm BIO12* Annual precipitation 12.16
BIO13 Precipitation of wettest month 1.21
BIO14 Precipitation of driest month 7.65
BIO16 Precipitation of wettest quarter 1.62
BIO17 Precipitation of driest quarter 2.56
BIO18 Precipitation of warmest quarter 1.25
BIO19 Precipitation of coldest quarter 2.36
Soil ST* Soil type 3.35
SCl Clay content 0.88
SSa Sand content 0.43
SSi Silt content 0.37
Precipitation variation BIO15* Precipitation seasonality (coefficient of variation) 1.58
Terrain ELEV* Elevation 8.04
SLO* Slope 4.26
ASP* Aspect 1.56
Landform LF* Geomorphology 2.61
LUCC LUCC* Land-use and land-cover change 2.02
  1. *The variables in bold, selected through multi-collinearity testing, were used in simulating species occurrence