Journal of Elasticity

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Publications of Cornelius O. Horgan from 1969 to 2019


A. Book Chapters

Variational methods for eigenvalue problems with discontinuous coefficients, (with S. Nemat-Nasser). Invited paper published in Mechanics To-Day (S. Nemat-Nasser, editor), Vol. 5 (1980), (Pergamon Press), [Special Issue celebrating the 65th Birthday of Eric Reissner], pp. 365–376.

Recent developments concerning Saint-Venant’s principle, (with J.K. Knowles). Invited review article in Advances in Applied Mechanics (T.Y. Wu and J.W. Hutchinson, editors), Vol. 23, 1983, Academic Press, pp. 179–269.

Decay estimates for a class of second-order quasilinear equations in three dimensions, (with L.E. Payne). Invited paper in Analysis and Thermomechanics (Walter Noll 60th Birthday Volume) (edited by B.D. Coleman, M. Feinberg and J. Serrin), Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1987, pp. 13–23.

Some applications of maximum principles in linear and nonlinear elasticity. Invited paper in Maximum Principles and Eigenvalue Problems in Partial Differential Equations (edited by P.W. Schaefer),...


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