European Journal of Law and Economics

, Volume 37, Issue 3, pp 547–549 | Cite as

Firat Bilgel: The law and economics of organ procurement, European studies in law and economics

Intersentia, Cambrigde, Antwerp, Portland, 2011
  • Juergen G. Backhaus
Book Review

“This research aims to propose policy prescriptions through supply-driven regulatory, legislative and institutional changes that would directly or indirectly help eliminate the organ shortage and the trafficking of human organs. Organ shortage not only concerns medical professionals but also economists, legal scholars, sociologists, bioethicists, philosophers, policy makers, bureaucrats, philanthropists and most importantly patients and their families. However, the dimensions of the issue are countless, leaving some of the topics unaddressed. Although there are numerous factors leading to an ever-increasing gap between the supply of and the demand for human organs, this study almost exclusively focuses on governmental/policy problems related to the supply of human organs and does not investigate demand-related problems, demand-side remedies, managerial, organizational or consensual issues in the supply of organs. As far as the disciplinary dimensions of this research are concerned,...

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  1. 1.Krupp Chair in Public Finance and Fiscal SociologyUniversity of ErfurtErfurtGermany

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