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, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 423–423 | Cite as

Claudia Desogus: Competition and innovation in the eu regulation of pharmaceuticals, the case of parallel trade

Intersentia, 2011
  • Juergen G. Backhaus
Book Review

The series “European studies in law and economics” is devoted to further the understanding of Law and Economics in Europe. The volumes published in this series present an interdisciplinary perspective on the effects of laws on people’s behavior and on the economic system. The ample topics address a wide audience, including policy makers, legislators, economists, lawyers and judges. The series is peer-reviewed.

The series is an initiative of the PhD programme “European doctorate in law and economics” (EDLE). The EDLE is the academic response to the increasing importance of the economic analysis of law in Europe. The programme is offered by the Universities of Bologna, Hamburg and Rotterdam in association with the Indira Ghandi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai (India). PhD students receive the unique opportunity to study law and economics in three different countries. The programme prepares economists and lawyers of high promise for an academic career in a research field of growing importance or for responsible positions in government, research organisations and international consulting firms.

The European commission sponsors the EDLE as an excellence programme under the prestigious Erasmus Mundus scheme. For further information please visit: http:\\

The editorial board of the series consists of Prof. Dr. Michael Faure (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Prof. Dr. Luigi A. Franzoni (University of Bologna) and Jun. Prof. Dr. Patrick C. Leyens (University of Hamburg).

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  1. 1.Krupp Chair in Public Finance and Fiscal SociologyUniversity of ErfurtErfurtGermany

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