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  • Kyoung-Woong Kim


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This issue is dedicated to Prof. Hyo-Taek Chon at Seoul National University (SNU) in Korea for his valuable contributions in the field of environmental geochemistry for nearly 30 years. After his postdoc experience at the Applied Geochemistry Research Group (AGRG) at Imperial College in 1982/83, he became the first environmental geochemist in Korea and began to lecture, in the late 1980s, to senior students at SNU on environmental geochemistry. During his career as a professor of SNU from 1980 upto present, he has educated a total of 18 doctors and 46 masters in the field of applied geochemistry and resource geology, and has published 10 textbooks and more than 180 papers in reviewed international and domestic journals. From the early 1990s forward, under his supervision, a total of 13 doctors and 32 masters who majored in environmental geochemistry have graduated during these two decades. He published his first coauthored paper in the field, entitled ‘Dispersion of toxic elements in the area covered with uranium-bearing black shales in Korea’ (Chon and Jung 1991). Since then he has contributed more than 110 papers in academic journals of environmental geochemistry. He organized the 2nd APSEG (Asia–Pacific Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry) at SNU in November, 2009 and also served as the president of the Asia–Pacific Branch of Society for Environmental Geochemistry and Health (SEGH) from 2005 to 2010. The coguest editors and authors would like to thank Prof. Chon for his commitment to the field over the past three decades.


  1. Chon, H. T., & Jung, M. C. (1991). Dispersion of toxic elements in the area covered with uranium-bearing black shales in Korea. Journal of Korean Institute of Mining Geology (Presently Economic and Environmental Geology), 24, 245–260 (in Korean with English abstract).Google Scholar

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