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Book review Editor’s comment


As I read the book review Insights Into Qualitative Research Methodologies in Mathematics Education written by Keith Jones and Chronoula Voutsina, I realised that several of the chapters made reference to themes or authors whose research was the subject of other reviews published in Educational Studies in Mathematics since 2015. For readers who may be interested to follow any of these, I offer the following list:

Bakker, A. (2016). Book Review: Networking theories as an example of boundary crossing. Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs & Susanne Prediger (Eds.). (2014). Networking of theories as a research practice in mathematics education. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 93(2), 265–273.

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Sfard, A. (2015). When Oksapmin number system met Western arithmetic — Answering the question of how cognitive and cultural change induce each other. Geoffrey B. Saxe (2012). Cultural development of mathematical ideas: Papua New Guinea studies. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 88(2), 283–290.

Walshaw, M. (2017). Book Review: Leveraging the potential of research on classroom discourse for enhancing mathematics teaching and learning Jill Adler and Anna Sfard (Eds.) (2017) Research for Educational Change: Transforming Researchers’ Insights Into Improvement in Mathematics Teaching and Learning. Educational Studies in Mathematics, 95(3), 353–357.

Weber, K. (2017). Book review: Dialogue, Argumentation and Education: History, Theory and Practice, by Baruch B. Schwarz & Michael J. Baker (Foreword by L. B. Resnick with F. Schantz) (2017). Educational Studies in Mathematics. [Online first 26 July 2017]

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