Education and Information Technologies

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  • Ian Selwood

The five papers in this issue of Education and Information Technologies clearly illustrate the focus of the journal, i.e. that it is concerned with research about teaching and learning with and about information technology.

The first paper by Fredriksson, Jedeskog and Plomp reports on an international study carried out under the auspices of European Trade Union Committee for Education and was funded by the European Union. Three innovative schools in each of five European countries were chosen and case studies of these schools undertaken to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in primary and secondary schools by studying examples of good practice of the pedagogical use of ICT. More specifically this paper presents findings relating to the differences that intensive use of ICT for teaching and learning makes in schools; the influence of this type of ICT use on students compared to traditional classrooms; and the factors that...

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