Correction to: The old CEACAMs find their new role in tumor immunotherapy

Correction to: Invest New Drugs

Fig. 2

The expression of CEACAMs in normal tissues. The expression of CEACAM1, CEACAM3, CEACAM4, CEACAM5, CEACAM6, CEACAM7 and CEACAM8 in normal tissues, including appendix, bone marrow, colon, duodenum, esophagus, gall bladder and liver was shown. PRKM: Reads Per Kilobase of exon model per Million mapped reads

Correction is needed to the original version of this article.

The extra repeated “Urinary Testicles” and the corresponding bar on the horizontal axis in Fig. 2 should be removed.

The authors apologize for the error and further state that the correction made to the image does not affect the overall outcome of the study. The corrected figure is shown below.

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