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Reading [with] Ananth

  • Gavin Smith
Okay so we could list the books, the articles, the website entries, even the zines, but that wouldn’t catch it and anyway with a memory like mine it’s not clear how helpful that would be. So I’ll be selective and I’ll try to get to the ‘why’ that, over the years, produced these insistent references. Why Ananth was choosing this little cherry bomb to throw my way. It would go something like this:
[Phone rings]
  • Hi. What’s up?

  • Sorry. Is that you Ananth?

  • Yeah. What’s up? F—k did you see Barça yesterday?

  • No what did I miss?

  • Ha ha. Just about everything, I guess. By the way, what do you think of Tim Brennan’s little book?

  • Huh? Again, did I miss something?

  • Oh well you’re really gonna enjoy this one…..

And that kind of conversation would happen so many times that in the end I realized that it was just going to have to be non-reciprocal. Ananth would always have seen the football (sic) game I needed to see, and I would never be able to suggest an item to read that would stimulate the political...


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