Dialectical Anthropology

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Conversations with Ananth

  • Kathy Powell

When I had to think about what I might say about Ananth’s own work, and his approach to intellectual endeavors more generally, I looked again at some of his work and I recalled a lot of conversations and exchanges over the years; and trying to distill all that, it seemed to me that his scholarly disposition could best be characterized as a kind of classical radicalism. This was apparent in the intellectual care he took to keep important historical ideas and historical questions in the frame, as grounding and guiding principles of inquiry—something he did as a scholar and as a teacher (evidenced in his outrage that students attracted by postmodernism were unaware of Wallerstein); it was also apparent in the way in which he unearthed the lessons that are there to be learned from the historical practices of people—like the Nicaraguan miners who are the subjects of his doctoral research, people working in the interstices of capitalism and, like him, refusing to conform to prevailing grand...


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