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Race, ideology, and empire

  • Deepa Kumar

In the aftermath of the horrific attack on the leftwing magazine Charlie Hebdo, a predictable Islamophobic narrative emerged from politicians, public figures, and the establishment media. Exemplifying the Right’s response, Rupert Murdoch tweeted that the Muslim majority are “responsible” for Islam’s “growing jihadist cancer.” For the Right, all Muslims are to blame for the actions of the Jihadist minority. Establishment liberals, who challenged Murdoch’s blatantly racist statement, such as Fareed Zakaria, argued that only 0.1 % of French Muslims were being “watched” by the state and that 99.9 % were peaceful. While Zakaria clarified that from “day one” he too has asked “moderate Muslims” to denounce the Islamists, Murdoch’s statement for him went too far.1Peter Bergen, CNN’s national security analyst, who similarly rejected Murdoch’s argument, stated that Islam was nevertheless to blame for the attack and that “political correctness” should not prevent one from saying so even if it...


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