Dialectical Anthropology

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Comment: Neoliberal stories of racial redemption

A continuing saga ready for a new plot
  • R. Charles Price

Have the Civil Rights movements and the change associated with them been used to the advantage of powerful interests in ways that conflict with and contradict the reforms won by the movements? Has post-Civil Rights era sensitivity to race and “myths” of racial progress–in particular issues of equality–actually helped paper over the social problems challenging many African Americans and African American communities? My answer to both questions is “yes.” However, the use of race and rhetoric of racial redemption in the service of elites and powerful interests is nothing new, and Professor Baca seems to agree with this in his paper “Neoliberal stories of racial redemption.” Nevertheless, critique of how civil rights policies mesh with and support neoliberalism alone does not help us grasp the pervasiveness of the confluence, nor does it suggest feasible alternatives to the convergence. Indeed, this “critical” approach is not vastly different from the kind of critiques presented by the...


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